Headaches can keep you from doing any of your day’s tasks, no matter how simple they may be. Some people experience headaches often and cannot afford to take painkillers every other day as it can seriously harm your liver. Some people do not find any relief from these painkillers and have to turn to other natural means. If you are also one of these people and are tired of headaches, here are some natural remedies for you.

Use a Cold Compress

A cold compress is one of the simplest and easiest solutions to a headache. It is something that anyone can do at home. When you apply an ice pack to your head or neck, it immediately helps with the inflammation and pain.

The cold temperature constricts the blood vessels in the area. This solution can temporarily relieve your headache. You can also take some cubes of ice in a cloth or a bean bag, and it will work as well.

Try a Herbal Tea

Herbs and plants have been used since centuries to help with a number of medical conditions. These herbs have natural properties that fight inflammation and pain. Some herbs can be consumed in the form of tea, while some plants’ essential oils are used topically.

Drink Lots and Lots of Water

You may have heard of this remedy since childhood, and it is actually quite effective. Drinking lots of water can prevent headaches and lessen their severity. Dehydration can cause a headache because your brain tissue loses water, causing it to shrink. A study noted that drinking water made people feel better. Begin by taking small sips of water. In an hour or two, you will begin to feel better!

Eliminate All the Obvious Reasons

People who sit in front of their laptop and mobile screens all day need to change their routine. If they experience a headache, maybe it is time to take a break from all the electronic gadgets. The rays from such gadgets are harmful to our eyes and cause strain, which results in a headache.

If you tie your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, or you are wearing a tight headband, it may be a cause of a headache. Let your hair breathe and loosen your pony. You will immediately feel relief. Factors like these should be eliminated at once as they will lessen the pain.

Get a Massage

Whenever we experience a headache, we unconsciously try to put pressure on that area. That is because massaging can really give us a relief from the pain.

A massage can provide instant relief as the masseuse massages the pressure points. You don’t have to massage just your head. Many people find massaging of temples, jaw, or neck helpful. It can relieve tension and reduces the tension headache. Other spots that you should massage are between your eyebrows, the bridge of your nose. These areas tend to hold tension, which is why massaging them can help you out.

Use these remedies and get rid of annoying headaches! Good Luck!


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