Moving into a new home or apartment is always a daunting task. Moreover, cleaning the new home up to your standards will pile up more intimidation.

However, if you can follow these seven move in house cleaning tips, the whole process will be a breeze.

It Is Always From The Top

Right after you move into a new apartment or home, start the cleaning from the top. The reason is gravity. Despite this force will pull down all the dust and debris towards the floor; however; there will be some remnants on the top.

Thus, you have to start from the ceiling, wall, baseboard, and eventually the floor. A gentle wipe can go a long way in this process.

Clean Towards The Door

We all shake off most of the dust near the door. As we move more towards the interior, the amount of dirt will reduce. Thus, it will be a good idea to start cleaning form the farthest corner and move towards the door.

It is evident that you will need less effort at the beginning. However, things will get tougher as you move towards the door.

Toilet Need Special Attention

We all know which parts of the house contain most germs and dirt. One is the kitchen, and the next one is the toilet. It will be a must-do thing to wipe all the surfaces of the bathroom before you unpack.

Veteran movers prefer to change the toilet seat immediately after move-in or before unpacking. It will be a small investment, which will secure safety from any unwanted infections. 

Get Rid Of Germs From Every Surface

Surfaces like kitchen tops, sink tops, bathtub rims accumulate some of the toughest germs. Therefore, it will be a wise thing to wipe all these surfaces with disinfectant wipes. You can also use a soft cloth and disinfectant solutions.

If you are not a big fan of commercial disinfectants, use 1part part of vinegar with two parts of water for cleaning. It also works great as a deodorizer. 

Closets Need A Deep Clean

Closets are the ‘kitchen sink’ of clothes. These closed areas accommodate all sorts of materials that are one of the best haulers of dust and germs. Thus, it is essential to deep clean the area.

Right after you move-in, deep clean all the closets with commercial cleaners, shampoos, and brush. A clean closet will always help you to start the day with freshness.

Make The Bathtub Germfree

Just like a toilet seat, you will not like to use someone else’s bathtub. However, it is not possible to change the tub after every move-in.

Thus, you need to wipe and disinfectant the surface and corners of the bathtub. You can use the vinegar-water solution for both freshness and hygiene. 

Cabinets Need Deep Cleaning Too

Kitchen is the most germ-filled place in an apartment. It gets all its share of germs and dust from shopping bags, clothes, cellphones, bags, and many more.

If you want to get a sparkling clean house before unpacking, make sure you follow these tips or hire the professional move in house cleaning services to help you out.


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