About the last year, we previously talked about my annual trends in digital transformation. A year on, here we’re already grappling with a worldwide pandemic. And it has practically taken every sector to a halt. We’re currently working on a new list of trends in digital transformation for 2021.

We thought that we should look back at our predictions for 2020 and explore where we are today. We’ve seen technology accelerate a breakneck pace in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has given the changes that it put to so many businesses.

So, we felt it was a perfect idea to examine how COVID-19 influenced the critical developments in digital change that we had expected for 2020. With looking for “COVID testing near me,” it’s essential to look at the trends of the digital transformation.

WiFi 6 Is Still Coming Soon

Last year we believed 5 G and WiFi 6 operating in tandem would build the ultimate end-to-end mix of ultra-fast home and office connectivity. We also said we could expect download speeds up to 3x faster than with WiFi 5.

And where were we supposed to wind up? The FCC unanimously voted in April to open the new band of spectrum to devices that could accommodate it.

It means we don’t know precisely how well it will work. The first WiFi 6-equipped devices have expected to roll out later this year. And it couldn’t be arriving fast enough.

For All Time Connected Pcs Starting to Show Their Value

We predicted last year that since we are always connected, we will still need our devices to be connected too. Look how true that proved to be. During the pandemic, demand for laptops surged, and companies.

The companies include Lenovo and Samsung, rolled out several new ACPC models to satisfy the requirement. Qualcomm, who works with ARM to supply one of the ACPC chip models, also tried to support the shortage.

And it provided ACPCs to needy students in the San Diego area.

Connected Vehicles & Drones with Other Technologies Expand

We thought for sure last year that 2020 would be the year we’d be moving closer to connected cities and autonomous vehicles. Thanks to the pandemic, we are witnessing an expansion in how governments gather contact tracing data.

Google and Apple apps with APIs are using — with great success — in European countries. This technology, while currently only being used for the virus, could probably be tweaked and used for other uses in smart cities.

COVID-19 Approaching 5G Onward Faster

It became apparent only a year ago that people across the globe needed better access, both at home and at work. COVID-19 further increased this desire when employees abandoned their workplaces for at-home jobs in vast suburbs and beyond, in well-connected regions.

Overall, if anything, COVID-19 had stuff going quicker. Most of those patterns will continue to expand as COVID-19 begins to spread in the future. We see firsthand how all of these will help us keep linked and remain safe, and we don’t see them disappearing or shifting early.

But as we have always pushed to our limits, we think more companies will find better ways to use such technologies, and we can’t wait to see where we can go. But most important for now is to look for “COVID testing near me” facilities to keep yourself safe in current situation.


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