You see your windshield. It’s dirty and you want to wash it. You bring out your windshield washer fluid and give the windshield a good rinse and its good as new. So what’s the secret behind the fluid that you bought from an online car parts warehouse? How does it keep your windshield streak-free and shiny? Well, here we will talk about what makes the windshield washer fluids so special. Yes, I know you know about the active chemicals like methanol in it but here we will talk about the functions of other chemicals.

No. 1

So first up is the cleaning agent. This chemical is actively the most important part of the washer fluid. This gives the fluid ability to power through and clean up any grime, dirt, bugs, and even salt without a hitch. There are specific cleaning needs for different auto parts in different seasons. However, you can clear away any and all the problems with good quality windshield washer fluid. 

Whether it’s migrating bugs during mating season or dirt from the storm this chemical will plow through it all. This your car’s safety is maintained and you can easily spot any impediments when driving with a clear windshield. You can delay washing your car entirely but the windshield is one car part you should never ignore. Have your windshield sparkling always for optimum driving safety? 


There are specialized windshield washer fluids for your car. This means that you can choose a specific type of washer for specific problems. There are specialized fluids for cleaning bugs, there are washer fluids for dirt and there are fluids for ice. Each type of washer fluid comes with different chemicals that make it better suited to that type of cleaning. Check out your favorite car parts shop and check their lists to see if they have what you need. 

You can easily find them to be honest. They are available everywhere. Just make sure you buy quality stuff otherwise your car parts may be damaged. If you don’t know what to get consult the community. They will be able to tell you where you can get the best quality at the cheapest price. 

No. 3

There are chemicals in the washer fluid that indirectly help you keep safe. The car’s windshield is exposed to a lot of abuse. When cleaning if the chemicals aren’t specific they might not clean properly and might leave streaks. You may have driving problems due to the damages in the windshield. 

So, to prevent this the companies make sure that the right chemicals are added. They even make sure the washer fluid doesn’t freeze in subzero temperatures. This ensures that you can clean the windshield without any problems. 

Quality Matters

The quality of the washer fluid matters. You can find a lot of different brands for the washer fluid but making sure you get the best is imperative. Trust me there’s a stark difference between regular fluids and the quality ones. Make sure you do your research before buying. Check out all the local car parts stores, talk to other car owners on what they prefer. Trust me you will get good advice from the community. Make sure you follow the advice to get the best results.


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