1. Research and Review Platforms

If you are looking for or switching to a new hairstylist. Make sure that you give a thorough look at their professional work. It is nowadays very easy to download pictures and upload them on Facebook pages and Instagram. It is difficult for one to determine as to whether the image you are viewing is the actual work of the stylist you are looking at. If possible, find out and read the reviews provided by clients and furthermore, if you still aren’t sure, feel free to visit the salon and consult the hairstylist.

2. Consultation

Always consult before deciding to go for a particular haircut. You need to make sure that when you make an appointment with a Long Island city barber, there is a bit of space for consultation as well.

A professional hairstylist welcomes a word with him/her and would spare as much as 15 minutes for the process. Hence, it is suggested that the first appointment should involve just a blow dry and consultation. That way, you are going to know or be able to predict the outcome before the haircut is done and the stylist will be able to provide his/her suggestions as well. You are spending your hard-earned money on something which you will be carrying every day. So make sure that you are able to reap the best out of it.

3. Time You Are Willing To Spend – Be Honest!

Be blunt and straightforward about how much time you are willing to spend on a daily basis on your hair. If you are someone, who doesn’t have the time and styles your hair roughly. Let the stylist know. He/she shall hear your concerns and provide a haircut accordingly. A professional Long Island city barber is able to come up with the perfect hairstyle by observing your face structure and hair texture etc. If you are using products to maintain your hairstyle, mention that as well to the stylist so that better recommendations are communicated.

4. Get Ideas From Pinterest and Instagram Etc.

Instagram and Pinterest are the centers of ideas nowadays. Both are excellent platforms for artists and professionals of any field to showcase their work and skills. All “nearest barber near me” in Long Island city is already aware of the current trends. So if you are not, you can ask them to loop you in, but otherwise, you can always check out ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. You can save a few pictures on your phone and let the stylist know what you want.

5. Not Only the Face Shape But Body Shape As Well

Considering body shape as well is equally important as the face shape. Most people will consider the face shape but overlook the body shape factor. The reason it is important is because it can create a huge difference and stand in the way of the style you want overall. Long hair won’t suit you if you are skinny, rather spikes may be a good option. A good haircut and a stylist will consider your body shape as well so that the haircut compliments your personality altogether.


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