You need to check these things out when buying a wind shirt.

1. Lightweight

A wind jacket should be lighter in weight so that you can wear it quite comfortably. When you are out to buy a wind jacket, you will see jackets of different weights and sizes but you have to choose the one that you can carry easily without expending much energy. The ultimate decision is up to you but the wind jackets are better when they are lightweight,

2. Hoods

Wind shirts come with hoods too. You might want to grab the one that has that feature. The hood can protect you from rain and the sun so you can enjoy the outdoors. However, if you aren’t a fan of the hoods then you can even get one that has adjustable so you can attach or detach based on the weather conditions. Another advantage of an adjustable hood on a wind shirt is that you can loosen or tighten it up as per your needs. Hoods can be adjusted over the helmet if you are cycling or be completely removed when you are running

3. Material

Material is very important in the sense that the wind shirt’s durability depends upon it. Good material can last the wind jacket for years. Polyester, tricot and nylon are more popular materials used in wind shirts. The choice depends on you about the materials as different materials have different traits that can affect your experience. Check the material and ask if it is durable because it would be a waste of money if the shirt or jacket doesn’t hold up for a long period.

4. Waterproof


Water resistant and waterproof are two different things that can weigh into the factor of your wind shirt being waterproof. Water resistant shirts will not at all defend you against heavy rain. Materials that make the jacket lighter aren’t very good with water. They will protect you against it but not for long. You can check out GoLite wind shirt collection for that.

5. Long-Sleeved Shirts

Wind shirts mean protection from the wind in all ways in chilly weather or any activity. It is also obvious that the wind would hit your arms too, so a long sleeved option is better. Protect your arms from chilly winds with them. Essentially, the sleeves would be longer than the hands to have you cover your palms too if you want to.

6. Breathable

Provided the use of your wind jackets, the breathability can be affected. The thin materials are more breathable as they allow easy circulation of air within the body. You don’t want to suffocate in your wind suit. However, thinner shirts compromise the waterproofing. In this case, the use of the shirts come into consideration.


7. Go with the Fashion

If you have to be fashionable, be fashionable because wind shirts come in a wide variety of colors, materials and sizes as can be seen in magazines. Once you are satisfied with other factors like waterproofing, material or breathability, you can then treat yourself by choosing the wind shirt that looks good and fashionable. Be trendy and choose the design what satisfies you.

If you don’t want to check out quality of wind shirt each time when buying, you can go for GoLite wind shirt. As a reliable brand, GoLite wind shirt are always of high quality material. Makes an easy buy for you just like buying a used road bike.


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