People of the U.S.A. are crazy about their lawns. They mow their turf areas every year that equal to the land areas of Pennsylvania. Also, they spend on lawn care more than $8.5 billion. But, it’s possible to make you and keep your lawn attractive in the summertime if you use just 40 hours every year on average.

In fact, your landscaping contractors or the trash removal Austin companies may tell you that brown lawns are entirely natural to look at. Over the months in the summer, you’ll find Kentucky bluegrass and fescues grow well. As it’s a strategy of self-protecting, grasses save their energy going into hibernation.

So, if they get the cooler temperature and the returns of autumn with higher precipitation, they come to their own beauty of the green shade. So, before hiring an Austin junk removal company, let’s know some tips to take care of your lawn in the summertime.

Use Water On Time

Most people think they can water their lawn any time, but it’s not the right ideology. It’s because it’s somehow tricky to water your lawn in the summertime than other seasons of the year. As per the expert recommendation, you should water your lawn before 10 AM in the morning. It’ll ensure a good soak of the water by the lawn.

But, if you water there in the afternoon, it would be not much effective. The reason is that the water will be evaporated when it’s hot in the summer sun. Also, some people like to water their lawn at nighttime that can promote diseases for the plant in the lawn. So, then afternoon or nighttime, the best time to water your lawn in the morning.

Add Nutrients

As summer lawn grows more every single day, it needs more nutrients to grow well. Also, adding nutrients are very crucial for the living things of your lawn. In this case, you can consider using compost or fertilizer to provide the right nutrients for your lawn that needs to the living beings.

When it comes to using fertilizer, keep in mind that less is more to protect your lawn from burning. So, apply a thin layer of fertilizer apart a few weeks and note how you get response them it. If you don’t find any change, possibly there is a lack of nutrients, so meet an expert for the right suggestion.

Remove Weeds

Along with growing your lawn in the summer, pesky weeds also grow in the same way. Before weeds take control over the law, take the step to remove them and prevent their growth. There is weed preventing chemical like fertilizer that will help you kill the weeds.

Allow It Breathing

Breathing is very essential for the lawn entire year, but summer is the best time to do it properly. If your lawn gets fresh breaths, it gets the strength to fight against the buildup of thatch and rainfall. Also, it helps to prevent the growth of grasses in your lawn. In this case, if you rent an aerator, it’ll be the smart solution to do the job perfectly and quickly.


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