FX or Forex is short for Foreign Exchange. It means the foreign exchange market, an over the counter market for foreign currencies to be traded. Since most cash is exchanged, this market is the most liquid market in the world. FX robots are actually a computer software that are made to determine whether to buy or sell a currency at any given time. FX robots are helpful because they don’t have emotions and so there’s no psychological game to be played. It only decides based on data.

Although there are tons of FX robots in the market, and everyone says theirs is the best, you should be really smart before buying an FX robot. We think out of hundreds, these 3 are the best. Take a look at these latest FX robot reviews.

Forex Robotron

Developed and tested using real variables, real slippage, and real tick data from Dukascopy bank, this is one of the finest FX trading robots you will find in the market and it is our first choice in the top latest FX robot review. This FX Robot trades in the market with tight spot loss, low risk, and with high accuracy, and it does so with superb consistency. It uses universal default settings for all 4 pairs.

This robot has been backtested for more than 10 years and received excellent scores. It has a win rate of 80% which is superb. You can gain much from trading with this robot with even just a 5% risk. If you think you are up for higher risk and higher return, you can, of course, raise the risk rate.


ROFX is a fully autonomous FX robot that has some of the most advanced trading tools in the market. This robot’s interface is very user-friendly and it gives a 10% monthly profit. ROFX’s website has suffused cryptocurrency onto its networks. It primarily works with Bitcoin. Bitcoin currency trade is also done automatically with the help of AI. It doesn’t require you to have special knowledge of Forex trading, and you can freely withdraw quite easily any time you want. But you must follow the ROFX trading robot review before availing it.


This robot must be activated with either EUR/USD or AUD/USD currencies. These currencies are chosen because they are the most volatile currencies when European currency trading occurs. The developers of FXCharger claims that it closes with a profit every day. This robot can be used easily by both an experienced and a new Forex trader. A drawback for this robot is that it doesn’t come with a free trial period, but it guarantees 30-day money back. If your money drops more than 30%, you will be given a refund.


Forex trading is risky, no matter how experienced you are or how efficient the robot you use is. This is because the foreign exchange market itself is really volatile. We suggest you know well enough about forex trading before you actually start trading.


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