Finding women’s hiking pants can be tricky if you don’t know the proper measurements and ways to buy one. When choosing hiking pants, you must remember that these pants aren’t anything like regular pants. You need to add technical performances, comfort, and style to the pants. Nowadays, many companies are expanding their varieties of ladies hiking pants, which gives the hikers a new direction to buy pants according to the style and everything. And today, we have made a list of some of those pants based on comfort, durability, and style. Here, take a look!

1. Patagonia Quandary Pants

Patagonia Quandary pants are very light and comfortable to wear. They are stretchy and thus help you move freely. Women, especially those who have curves, always have a hard time finding the perfect pair of pants that fit the booty and thighs. But these pants don’t have that issue at all. Also, the DWR coating helps the pants to be able to resist water. You can wear them as capris during the warmer months. If you seek versatile pants that can be worn in the summer and winter, these pants are your besties. “Patagonia sale for women can be a good string to search with for women’s hiking pants.

2. Coalatree Trailhead Pants

Coalatree trailhead pants are some unique folks! They are labelled as hiking pants but look like sweatpants. One of the most comfortable and practical trail pants that surfaced recently. It also consists of a DWR coating and protects the material from getting drenched. The four-way stretch is a handy feature of the pants. It helps you climb, scramble, stoop, crawl, etc. without the tension of getting your pants ripped. The pants are incredibly durable and offer breathability, which is why they are considered the ideal pants for summer. Oh, and they look cool or hikers as well.

3. So Coburn XT Pant

So Coburn XT pants are surprisingly technical and adaptable. The pants come with a zippered kick gusset which readily adapts to any pair of shoes and hidden pockets for carrying cards, money, etc.  One thing that’s absolutely genius about these pants is that you can clean with ease no matter how deep the stains are. Stio’s water-resistant Tetonic Twill fabric is tensile and durable, letting you stretch as you like. Stilo’s hiking pants are so stylish you can wear them out if you want.

4. First Lite Alturas Guide Pants

A perfect pick for both the summer. Layer it with base layers for cool hiking. These pants are made for hunters; durability is one of the best things about First Line. The fabric maintains an excellent feel on the body. Yes, the price may make you a little uncomfortable but think of it this way, as this pant can easily last up to several years, buying one in as an investment. A new merino pant is also available for women called Obsidian. If you can spare a few more dollars, then owning an Obsidian can be worth the wait.


Alrighty then! That was the list of 4 perfectly tailored hiking pants for women. You can easily purchase them from stores or any online eCommerce shop. Have great hiking pants shopping!


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