Vacuum cleaners are one of the essential household appliances. Whether you love it or not, vacuum cleaners help you in more than one way. There are various uses of vacuums other than keeping your floor and carpet clean. When you will buy vacuum cleaner, it’s important to choose the right kind. For effective cleaning and dusting, it’s good to choose an upright vacuum that includes a hose with different attachments. Let’s take note of the uses of the vacuum cleaners.

Sucking Off Furs and Hair

One of the main functions of a vacuum cleaner is to gather furs and hair from the carpets and rugs. However, you can also use it to remove your pets’ fur from your beddings, such as blankets, bedspreads, pillows, etc. This way, you can prevent the fur from getting clogged in your washing machines. The attachments also help groom your pet by sucking the loose fur away. Just make sure you don’t apply excessive pressure setting while using the vacuum suction onto your pets.

Eliminates Insects and Bugs

Do you know that vacuuming frequently can keep your house almost entirely flea-free? To keep your house free of dust and mites, vacuuming is necessary and should be done often. Using a vacuum hose and crevice tool, you can capture mosquitoes and reduce their infestations from dark places. You can also use a vacuum to suction the small spiders and cobwebs.

Remove Allergens

Allergens can aggravate allergies, infection, and fever. To keep them at bay, using a vacuum cleaner can be very helpful. Vacuum regularly to keep the window sills and crevices, window panes, the curtains from collecting allergens. Use a dust brush attachment to clean the windows and doors to remove pollen grains and dust. Keeping an allergen-free home also helps babies to breathe better without congestion or sneezing. They get to inhale the fresh air, which is vital to keep them healthy.

Reduce the Chance of House Fire

Using a vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to eliminate excess lint. Removing lint from your dryer vent system can significantly remove the chance of house fires. When cleaning, unplug the dry first and turn the gas line off. A crevice tool will be handy in this situation. Using the tool, access the vent area and under. It’s best to open the backside of the dryer and vacuum clean the trapped lint. Slow suctions will help grasp the lint into the vacuum.

Freshen Up Your Home

As I said earlier, you can use a vacuum in beds, pillows, and carpets for cleaning the dust and debris, but you can also use a vac to neutralize bad odor and freshen up your home. Using baking soda, you can remove odors and brighten fabrics. To achieve this, sprinkle a handful of dry baking soda over pillows, carpets, upholstery, etc. You can also use a dash of water to make a paste of soda and apply it wherever you want; however, this might make things a little messy. Allow the soda to sit for at least an hour before vacuuming away. That instantly brightens your fabric’s color and neutralize any unpleasant smell. Also, the baking soda kills bugs and mites, so that’s another plus.


One vacuum, many uses! So, why shouldn’t you buy a new vacuum cleaner? In my opinion, if you have a baby or children, you need vacuums more than anyone to keep the dust, mites, insects, and allergens away from them. So, bring home the most versatile vacuum cleaner for a cleaner home.


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