DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. It is a process or tool used for production, management and transmission of medical related images. It has a wide range of uses in medical as well as other fields. Some other details about DICOM are given below.

History of DICOM

When it comes to the origin of DICOM, it dates back in 1980s. it was designed and developed by American College of Radiology (ACR) and National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). It is managed and governed by DICOM Standards Committee that comprises experts from medical imaging and the users who are interested in DICOM.

The very first version was used in 1980 and the second but refined version was introduced 8 years later in 1988. When it comes to the first use of DICOM, it was the US army and Air Force that deployed the technology for a large scale use in 1992. Between 1988 and 1992, it was used by a number of other organizations. It was 1992 when the most advanced third version was released and it was named as DICOM.

What is DICOM


  • We have learned that DICOM is used for medical imaging and has a good number of uses in the medical. There are few important things everyone should know before they do further research about it.
  • The DICOM files have .dcm extension and the file contains images as well as the patient data. You have to use a DICOM viewer Mac to open a dcm file.
  • The DICOM protocol is a binary Upper Level Protocol (ULP) over TCP/IP.
  • This is the architecture of DICOM network: Network ⇒ TCP/IP ⇒ DICOM ULP for TCP/IP ⇒ UL Service boundary ⇒ DICOM Message Exchange ⇒ Medical Imaging Application.
  • There are many DICOM viewer online for free use.

Why is DICOM Important?

We know that most of the patients are advised to get image reports of their bodies in order to better address the diseases and infections. When it comes to getting images of the body and inside, not enough tools and equipment are available. Considering the need, DICOM was developed in order to make the medical imaging procedures easy and convenient for the medical experts as well as patients.

When this tool is compared with other medical imaging resources, it is a lot better with more features, fast speed, better imaging features, great performance and also facilitates sharing of the data. All this has led to the popularity and wide use of DICOM in the medical profession.

Uses of DICOM in Medical Field


Here are some of the important uses of DICOM and DICOM viewer Mac in medical.

  1. With DICOM, medical image production, transmission and management has become a lot better, quicker and more convenient for the physicians.
  2. The medical images produced through DICOM are far better in quality and can be edited as well. Further, they help in better detection of medical issues.
  3. The DICOM medical imaging reduces of extensive examinations and tests because the reports produced are very accurate and treatment to the patients can be ensured immediately.
  4. The images produced by DICOM can be further stored and saved for future use.


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