Have you got date someone recently? Are you continuously thinking about him or her? You don’t need to worry about your feelings. Cause it’s quite natural.

Maybe you are more along from the first day, and you may feel even more madly in love for him or her. Again, you don’t have to stress. It’s natural too. In a love connection, every couple experience several phases of dating.

Here we will simplify all of them only for you and give out some widespread stages. Hence you don’t need to become mad and scrutinizing your emotion. So, let’s move into them.

The Very First Meeting

The very first meeting is varying from person to person. Some may fall in love in their first meeting. Even if it’s cheesy, you will find countless examples of someone calling someone besides, and right at that moment, they feel they should become a pair.

Almost all don’t feel that immediate and intense love at the very first meeting. Instead, the initial date performs as a root point for our curiosity to pique. If you feel attraction for that person, then you can say it as an official interest.

In this modern world, best online matchmaking sites and online dating becomes popular. So your very first introduction to another person is your online profile. So, it’s essential to make a strong profile.

The Curiousness

When you are interested in someone, that time, other things start to happen. You feel more curious about that person. And finally, you start imagining about that special guy or girl.

You feel interested to know everything like their childhood stories, the vibrating things, their plans, their personality, values, and more so. Above all, are they interested in the date now?

In our everyday life, we meet many people, and we feel differently for everyone. But our interest is at another level when it has the potential to form into a love relation. You feel delighted when you finally get the chance to learn from each other, and you start dating them.

The Compassion

After starting dating, you feel compassion day by day. You can say it as a honeymoon phase the same as a newly married couple. At this time, it is not possible to know everything about that person.

You wish to stay with them every moment, want to be physically attached, and experience more compassion with the special one.

The Comfort Zone and Love

Last of all, after the compassion, down the next phase takes place, and maybe you don’t even notice the change. It is love. The honeymoon stage doesn’t stay for so long. It only remains for a few months.

You will experience love; in case you are appropriate for one another. When you both confess to each other, a comfort zone will generate.

You both are acknowledged about love for each other. So, there is no worry about another person’s perception. You both are an essential part of one new life which is started from one of the best dating sites for casual dating.


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