Get Better Solution to Eliminate Mailing Imaging CD

Being a referring physician, you usually send patients to some specialists. It’s because you think they can be the best...

How to Share Your Radiology Reports in a Single Click?

We cannot deny the contribution of modern science. Radiology is medical technology. It is dealing with X-rays and high energy radiation. The radiologist uses it for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. They prepare and share...

What The Standard Size of PACS That You Should Choose

As a PACS user and vendor, you’re probably asked this question many times what is a PACS system and...

Some Top Tips to Grow Your Medical Imaging Practice

Its true medical professionals undergo schooling and training for years. But, they all don’t get well training to run their...

What You Should Look at Utility & Scope of DICOM

DICOM is the short form of “Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.” It has huge popularity and uses to any...

5 Simple Tips to Get Rid Of a Headache Naturally

Headaches can keep you from doing any of your day’s tasks, no matter how simple they may be. Some...

Why You Should Use Radiology Information Systems (RIS)

If you want to be successful in running your RIS practice then you have to spend so many times and...

How to Implement Value-Based Care On Your Practice?

Follow these steps to implement value-based care on your practice. 1. Identify Patient Population

PACS in Healthcare as Cloud PACS & Local Onsite PACS

It’s true it might be enough for you a local, stationary, physical PACS and at the same way we get it,...

8 Process in Healthcare That Can Be Automated

The experts believe there are many things in healthcare that should be automated for improving services and facilities. Following is the...

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