Whatever money you spend on your home, doesn’t go waste. Instead, that money goes and increases the value of your house. Here are some valuable tips that can increase the price and value of your home in the market, but all of this can’t be done overnight. It’s not a small battle but a war. You need to take it slow, keeping your financial condition in check.

1. Main Updates

The first thing is to take a close look at your structural problems and solve them before starting any improvement and updating project. Structural problems include a lot of stuff for example:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Leaking roof
  • Sagging Roof
  • Crack/bumps of the walls and floor
  • Rotten timbers
  • Insect infestation
  • Dry rot
  • Leaking bathrooms

2. Secondary Updates

When you have tackled the basics, you can then start with the superficial list of updates, this may include:

  • Peeling paint
  • Creaking doors and windows
  • Lifting floor and tiles
  • Loose Tiles
  • Leaking Taps
  • Damaged or broken windows

These are few of many small things that can devalue your house, they may not cost much in terms of money but this can cost you a lot in terms of the market value of the house.

After these updates, you can use a junk removal Austin service to take all the junk and leave your home clean.

3. The Next on Your List Should Be Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Updating the kitchen and bathroom gets the most return. These are the two most common and practical rooms of any home. Improving any of them can help you increase the value of your house. Little things can be done that can increase the value of your house such as: replacing old cabinets with new ones, you can make this a DIY project as well. Make the change according to the in-fashion colors and you will have a winner on your hand. Replace the old appliances with new ones and make sure that they match to give an impressive picture. Give your kitchen a new paint job too, subtle colors to make it look bigger and airier.

With bathrooms, it’s easier than the kitchen all you have to go is clean up your tiles and change the faucets, vanity and you are golden. Selecting good quality faucets can make a lot of difference. You can also add some plants and shelves to the bathroom, this can give it a very modern look as well.

4. Landscape

The landscape is another part that can get up the value of your house. If you own a front or backyard you can do a lot to achieve that. This is also the most affordable of the lot too. Planting native trees don’t cost much and they bloom easily as well. They are also easy to maintain so that your backyard wouldn’t look like a jungle.

5. Make It Spacy

Having more space can also help with the value of the house. You can add more space by taking out a wall here and there. For example, removing the wall between the kitchen and living room can give you enough space for an island. Which can make the place look spacious and modern.

We sincerely hope that you benefit from these tips to increase your home value. If you have problems dealing with all the junk in your house you can always look into a good Austin junk removal service.


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