If you have an old car that you no longer desire to keep, and want to get rid of it, than there’s good news for you.

Getting rid of an old car isn’t complicated at all, and you have plenty of options in that scenario.

Let’s take a look at how you can get rid of an old car.

1. A Dealership

A quick way to get rid of an old car is by visiting as a dealership and selling them your car. But dealerships often don’t give you the quote according to the actual market value of your vehicle. This behavior is completely justifiable because of the fact that dealerships make a profit by buying cars cheaply and selling them for a higher price.

If you’re interested in selling to a dealership, then make two categories. First, visit the dealerships that sell the same brand, if you don’t like the offer, then you can visit a nonbrand dealership. But once you’re in the dealership market, walk around and see what type of offers you get.

2. Try Selling by Yourself

Attempting to sell the car by yourself can be a rather tricky process. But you can’t learn anything unless you try. So, try the conventional selling methods like newspaper ads and things like that. You can also upload the ads on free online marketplaces like craigslist and Facebook. This is actually a very good method and you can sell the old car for a good value.

3. Use the Trading Technique

This method can be used when you visit the dealerships that deal with both new and used vehicles. They’ll allow you to trade this vehicle when buying a new one, and you’ll only have to pay the additional price.

This frees you of the hassle of trying to sell your car by yourself. These offers are called Trade-in offers. And as the word “offer” already suggests, you don’t have to accept them, instead, you can sell the car by yourself and pay the full price for your new car.

4. Sell to an Online Platform

These online platforms are different from craigslist in a way that instead of connecting buyers with sellers, they actually buy the cars themselves. Platforms like Carvana allow you to place a request on their platform with an asking price, once the deal is made, they will pick up your car and pay you after a quick inspection.

5. You Can Donate It

Do you know that many people donate their older cars to charities each year? You can do the same if you don’t want to sell the car anywhere. This doesn’t end just here, but you can still financially benefit from the charity by applying for a tax deduction equal to the auction value of your car. If the car isn’t auctioned by the charity, you’ll still be able to claim the fair market price or $500, whichever is greater.

6. Car Removal Service

If you know your car’s worth is nil and it’s just a very heavy paperweight, hire a junk car removal Suffolk County NY. They will arrive and load your old car in their truck to haul it away.


There are some ways you can actually get rid of your old car. The most uncomplicated option is the use of junk removalcompany after knowing their junk removal Long Island cost. Go online and look for cost effective services.


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