While planning for an overseas trip, you can find it somehow complex. It’s because it’s linked to a lot of things like flight bookings, itineraries to plan, rooms to find, and bags to pack. But, we’re not going to do these; instead, we’ll discuss the points that relate to your phone when you think to take it with your overseas trip. You must be looking for knowing how to use your handset when you’re going on a foreign trip. And you’re thinking it should be easy, but actually, it’s not often at the way you like to go with. But, you should not be stressed as we’re here to help you with this issue to make things simple for you. So, let’s know the points that you should get about your phone while taking it overseas.

Can You Use Your Phone Plan Overseas?

You know you can use your handset overseas, but now the question is that whether you’ll be able to use your current phone plan overseas. For example, when you’re using Telstra international call rates prepaid SIM card as a mobile plan. The answer is yes because some of the carriers offer to travel some of their assigned countries with their SIM cards. But, you must find out the providers who offer the service of overseas roaming as all don’t do it. Also, don’t forget that it’s necessarily not important to use when you have the options and you can go other ways as well.

What about the Cost of Postpaid Roaming?

The answer is you’ll get it on depending on your plan as well as depending on the operators. If you select Telstra or Optus, you’ll get their free offer while roaming globally. You’ll need up to $100 for one month, but it’s different when you travel overseas. If you go for an overseas trip with your Australian mobile number, then you can get some cheaper rates than changing your SIM cards. But, the question is that what you will do when your postpaid plans of Telstra or Optus don’t work in this case. So, if you’re in this issue you can do one thing that moves on to Travel Packs for Telstra international roaming rates, which could be your next best choice.

What about the Pay-as-you-go Roaming Cost?

When you’re out of any overseas roaming for your mobile plan, you have the last option that’s going to pay-as-you-go (PAYG) roaming. It’s because you don’t have the options to use your travel pass on this issue. Also, you’ll find it the most expensive roaming plan, but you’ll find the offer from all carriers irrespective of postpaid or prepaid. If you go at this plan, you’ll get one MB data for $0.50 to $3 and you can add it up very fast. Besides, you may cost up to $4 per minute call and $0.75 per text in usual, but the rates may vary from provider to provider. But, we strongly recommend that if you’re in an absolute emergency then use pay-as-you-go roaming, otherwise not.


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