You believe it or not, SEO is one of the tricky tasks to take on. As a result, people quit every day with closing their companies and then they post articles entitling “SEO is dead”. And a lot of freelance link building service providers have left the job of the difficulty. But, it’s not completely true and SEO is far from its death and still, there are chances to get a lot from SEO. In fact, for the marketing companies, it’s one of the biggest parts to grow for those who can go with it comfortably. The frustration of the people is getting more and more and we know the reason why they do it. It’s because SEO is simply a hard topic and it’s more complicated as well as a time-consuming matter that most of the people don’t like to do.

Now, let’s know some reasons why your backlinks are not working. 

No-Follow Links

If you notice carefully, you’ll find that most of the links are with no-follow tags. Even it’s true for some high authority links and they usually like to count good for nothing in the search engines’ results like Google. Now, the question is why your links are not counted for anything. We personally don’t think Google when it says it doesn’t count your link for anything, but we like to say, it’s just our personal opinion. Another thing is that these no-follow links are a part of your backlink profile that plays an essential role for your site. So, essentially you should have them when you want to make some editorial links with some good results.

Low-Quality Links

You’ll get another thing that’s not helpful to you while having a lot of low-quality links. As cheap links make for a proportionate link profile, you have to get a ton of them is not going to help if you have some good quality ones. Its true directories are good for your local SEO, but you’re out of luck if you like to get a backlink from them. Also, they’re all of the low quality because SEOs have spammed them and you can obtain them easily. Even it’s surprising that the black hats guys are like to use high-quality sites to get low-quality links for them.  That’s why you should have them essentially when you want to make some editorial links with good results for your site.

Too Far Down the Page

Google doesn’t value your links if they’re too far down the page on the same boat. Also, if you get your links that no one can read as they’re the very end then Google also don’t like to rank them. it’s because Google like to count the links that are useful to people and they click on them to use. As your links are on the page, you can’t get a good job from Searchmetrics analysis that’s expensive but works surely. Also, you can find your links are useless if there are not any relevant keywords.


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