Looking to spice up your hairstyle this 2020? With the pandemic and the lockdown, nobody was able to get a haircut or their hairstyle done without having a good “barbershop near me now”. Now you are feeling like a caveman with longer hair, do you? You desperately need a haircut, do you? But which gents’ hairstyle should you choose? The trend of short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top has a high demand this year. You can opt for similar styles. Whether you want a fade or undercut with short or long hair, you have many options. Let’s discuss some of those haircuts.

1. A Low Fade with Long Comb Over Haircut

Haircuts like this one offer a bold look where you can rock the hairstyle with any clothing. The deep part gives a crisp and classy look while the low fade makes your hairstyle slightly edgier. It works better on curls, as you don’t have to manage too much curliness and hair volumes. A little pomade and you are good to go!

2. Long to Medium Hair with Beard

Men with long hairstyles and beards or stubble look super sexy. There’s an oomph factor that works when they grow their hair out and open. And if they have a slightly wavy texture, then ooh la la! This deadly combination never fails to impress. Men with long hair resemble a majestic lion. If you have your hair grown out and have a beard, all you need is a little grooming and voila! You are good to go. Apply dollop sized styling cream or gel and apply onto damp hair. The gel will help to hold your hair slightly.

3. Fade with Curly Taper

This one is for the curly-haired guys. The fade shouldn’t be too small or big, with the top hair styled into a taper. With just a couple of inches of length in the front, you will easily manage the hairstyle. The short hairstyle means your hair dries quickly, and hence you’d style it faster. If you have an afro, you can flat iron your hair or just style it with a curler for more defined curls. If you don’t want to use them, the only towel dries your hair and put the lightest product on your hair. Curly hair tends to get frizzy and messy, so use a frizz-free shampoo and condition during the shower. And put a frizz-free serum while styling your hair. This step will help your hair from getting frizzy.

4. Textured Quiff

Not everyone can rock a quiff. But a short quiff is an exceptional choice for men who have just started following the hairstyle trend. A textured quiff is a safe approach for those who haven’t decided their style as the cut has a more classic finish to it. The cut is longer on the top and shorter in the back. Topped with a skin fade on the sides and the nape. You can rock this look with stubble as well to achieve a more refined look. Wearing a hairstyle with a shaven face can actually help you look younger. The quiff texture can suit almost every hair, whether straight, wavy, or curly. To achieve a better texture, you can use a texturizing spray.

Here are some of the best haircuts for men that any guy with any hair length can rock. A quick note before you go to a barbershop, keep a photo reference of your desired haircut with you. When you go to your hairstylist, show him the picture as a guideline to your hairstyle. This would help him understand what to do with your mane.


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