When buying a sofa set, most of the people look for its style, design and fabric but that’s not it. You should look for the best type of seating cushions and their fillings. Make sure that the type of cushion you select to repair your cushions or choose one as your foam seat cushion replacement give you the level of comfort and coziness you want. Well, here is a handy guide for you to decide the best seating cushions for your sofa;

  1. All Foam Cushion Filling

Out of all the types of cushions, this one is the most demanding. All foam cushion filling is manufactured by high-density foam core. This foam core is then covered into an egg-crate like softer foam and then further wrapped into a polyester fiber. There is a down proof ticking that keeps the cushion safe from feathers coming out. If you want a solid, wrinkle free and comfortable cushion for your sofa then this one is definitely your type.

  1. Spring-Down Cushion Filling

If you want a foam seat cushion replacement with a solid one, then spring-down foam should be your choice as it is the second softest and a very solid type. It usually consists of coiled springs wrapped in polyester fiber and then it is fitted into a down-proof cover which makes it stronger. It is an affordable type.

  1. Down Plush or Blendown Cushion Filling

Down plush cushion filling would be ideal for you if you are looking for the softest cushion seating. These are constructed by a thin foam core; a thick polyester fiber wraps the foam core and then down and poly-fiber blend’s thicker layer covers the whole thing. It is the most luxurious and comfortable type of cushions. Due to enough amount of down and thinner foam, the cushion feels just like a pillow.

  1. Hollowfill Fiber Cushion Filling

Hollowfill are a soft and fluffy type of cushions. These cushions are filled with polyester that gives them a squishy appearance. After a long tiring day, you would love to sink in your hollowfill fiber cushions. They are soft enough that your bum imprint is visible when you stand up from the cushion, but it is all normal. They will get softer with the time, so you would have to turn the sides of the cushion regularly so that they get soft evenly from both sides.

  1. Molded Cushion Filling

They are a solid and firmer choice. Just like hollow-fill cushions, they also soften by the time and need regular turning. They give a smooth look with your interior. These are solid enough that they don’t lose their shape very soon, in fact they maintain their shape for a long time.

Whether you are buying new sofa set or getting your old set repaired from upholstery repair shop, make sure that you are not compromising on the quality of cushions. If you select the best type of sofa seat cushions and if you give them enough care, then they will provide you peace and comfort for a long time.


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