We cannot deny the contribution of modern science. Radiology is medical technology. It is dealing with X-rays and high energy radiation. The radiologist uses it for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. They prepare and share reports. We can find some problems to share this report.

Though we have many ways to share, still, we share a radiology report via fax.  But it seems to me ancient age. So, we need to use ultra-modern technology to share radiology like DICOM medical imaging data Mac.

We need to use modern technology to share a radiology report in a single click via a secure platform which is sometimes called DCM file viewer online. Here you can observe how you can share radiology reports with a single. Now follow this article. Hopefully, you will be satisfied.

Secure Download and Viewer Links

A radiology report is private health information. A radiologist cannot share this PDF report with his patient’s mail. Because it is not ethically acceptable, many doctors encourage sharing it nowadays. For this sharing purpose, we need to use Cloud. It is the safest method.

You can share reports and images directly from your worklist if you use a Cloud powered PACS. Now click on the share button. Then locate the report or image folder from your computer to share.

After that, you will get two options. You can share a secure download link or a secure viewer link. If you share the link, they can save data. Now determine what you want.

If You Are a Physician

If you are a physician, you must need FDA, CE, or other local jurisdiction to know the protection of health information. Purview ViVA supports Cloud enable the feature. A physician must be aware of the security of health information when he shares it.

This platform also ensures the additional security level. We suggest using the patient’s date of birth and last name to use the sharing link. If the right recipient has this information, he will be able to download that information or image. The exact credentials are only the key to access it.

If You Are A Veterinarian

A veterinarian is always conscious to protect the animal’s identity.  Meanwhile, you can follow as physician method. Likewise, to share the information, click “Send as PHI Secured Link.” you can bypass the option when you no need to protect the information. It is a very important matter to a veterinarian.

Final Thought

A fax machine usually sent the file to its exact recipient. But sometimes it may lose right recipients for various causes. Now it is time to use a modern electronic system. You and your staff can avoid this old one. In conclusion, share your patient records, reports and images that you can send them with a single click.

It is a very sensitive matter to share the radiology reports to its actual patients or recipients. But a physician or radiologist has to be sincere.

To protect the privacy of patients, the authority must use a common and secure platform. Finally, physicians and patients will try a single for sharing information.


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