While you’re on the self-guided sf walking tours, it’s as fantastic as a great way to spend a day. Also, it’s a nice way to discover the city free of cost. Moreover, this is a budget-friendly tour to do when you’re in the city.

That means here’s a big option that offers lots of the matching ground when you’re in search of a tour with a guide. Besides, these yellow cars with funny look will get you at the end of the city, no walking essential if you find mobility as a challenge.

Well, let’s know some tips about some places when you’re on San Francisco walking tours.

The Embarcadero

It’s a great start off your city tour with the fantastic Embarcadero’s Ferry Building that locates the eastern coastline of San Francisco. You can look out it over the Bay Bridge just before Oakland. This Ferry Building is sitting on the side of the Financial District of the city.

It can indeed look like it’s a boring business district. But, some amazing hidden gems are available in the FiDi out there. And you’ll be able to discover them while you’re on a walking tour in this Financial District. We propose you get some appetizing 3rd wave coffee before you go for a walking tour.

So, visit Embarcadero’s Paramo Coffee’s location or another one is Blue Bottle when you’re in the Ferry Building. It’s very simple to get to the Ferry from the BART Station of Embarcadero. Because of its easy accessibility, you can watch things to the end of the city on MUNI and from its east bay.

Fisherman’s Wharf

If you keep walking on the north of the Embarcadero, you’ll find Fisherman’s Wharf. You could get it like another great tourist stop while it’s truly got some cool stuff to see. On the body of water, there is a house of Musée Méchanique that’s an unremarkable warehouse.

It’s an interactive historic penny arcade. In this place, you’ll find old nickelodeons that can make uncomfortable at the maltreatment of the color of women along with people. Also, the Boudin Bakery is out there where you may get a factory tour.

While on the tour, you’ll find the making and smell of some of the most excellent San Francisco sourdough. When it comes to sourdough, a lot of places are out there to find a calm chowder bowl along with a bread bowl of sourdough.

Telegraph Hill

Another nice part of the city of San Francisco is Telegraph Hill. This is a lush, beautiful, and green place where you’ll get the treat of some great city views. We like to the spot very much in the city.

While on a tour, you can jump into the city jungle along with hunting for parrots on a walking tour in Telegraph Hill. You’ll see historic Coit Tower that’s sitting on the top of the Telegraph Hill if you see at the East. Get another right when you are in Greenwich.

While ascending the stairs, take enough time. Apart from this, you’ll find loads of cool stuff to enjoy. These include public gardens as well as the bay’s top views in the city.


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