The consideration of having a “free website” could be tempting. Included with self-hosted WordPress, the internet comes with a lot of companies that are offering a free website for you instead of leading you to the best site to buy domain.

But, you might be thinking if they’re free of cost, so what the catch is with them. Also, you can feel doubt about the issue and if so then you’re right that there are some reasons that you should not use these free offers of building websites.

This is why we’ll learn some reasons that will discourage to use a free website. So, before you drive to some free offerings, continue reading to know more about the issue.

Slower Website with Unprofessional Web Address

The providers of free websites run and manage loads of websites at the same time and on the same server. As a result, all of their websites become slower. Because of slower websites, users lose to interest in them and it’s also not good for SEO of the sites.

Besides, if you get a website with an unprofessional name with lots of words like “” then it’s tough to read by the visitor. This is why they’ll not feel the interest to visit your site anymore.

That means you should not use free websites for your blogging purpose. When you’ll want to take your own domain name to make it the brand domain of your business, you may require $10 to $20. It’s usually just $10, so it’s very easy to avoid the issues.

Issues of Trial Service & Hidden Charges

Some of the free websites offer trial services that mean the services are free for a limited time. After the end of the trials, you’ll have to pay a specific amount of money. If you don’t pay, you’ll lose your access to the site, which will be a big issue for your personal blogging.

In some cases, the asking prices will be some degree higher than the standard charges. Also, they can take fees from you without sending you any prior warning if you have added your credit card while you signup.

It’s because these free offering companies want to get profit from you like all other businesses. Moreover, some free service providers require additional charges for different services. These include email accounts, image hosting, website transfer, FTP access, etc.

They Can Encrypt Your Data

Many free website users decide to transfer their websites to some other paid service providers. But, they find it quite impossible while moving the data due to the free website, lack of essential tools, and their policies.

If you pay some freelancers to transfer your website data manually, it’ll just make your bill increase.

Bottom Line

Apart from the above-said reasons, some more are out there. These include the free websites show useless and irrelevant ads, they can close your site, and even the companies can be disappeared anytime.

These are not all; the companies can sell your data, distribute malware & viruses, and they offer limited bandwidth.


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