A successor of Motorola Z Play is Motorola Z2 Play which has some improved features and is an affordable yet stylish smartphone for you to buy. Here is a brief review about Motorola Z2 Play which is also among the best value mobile plans.



It is common to get a 5.5-inch display at this price. It has a sharp, fine and bright display which shows contents in HD. You can switch between two modes i.e. vibrant which is the default and other is standard. Standard mode makes everything slightly dull which can be used in dim lights. Most people have chosen to stick with the default i.e. vibrant mode.

You can get the benefits of AMOLED in Z2 play such as; deep black, perfect viewing angles, infinite contrast ratio, all of this contributes a lot to make the display really amazing for you. Moreover, AMOLED hits more than 400 nits of brightness which is a great mark in this display type. AMOLED panel lights up only those pixels that need to be displayed when you receive a notification so that you can reply to it without even unlocking your phone.


Moto Z2 has Snapdragon 626 chip. You won’t be disappointed by the performance of the device. You can easily play heavy games, run heavy applications without noticing any slowdown in your phone. Moto has not received any complaints regarding the slow performance of the device. However, reviews of Moto working fast and well have been received.

Snapdragon 626 can support up to Wi-Fi 802.11ac but it is not active for this function and functions for only dual-band Wi-Fi 802.1a/b/g/n. Moto Z2 play is available in two varieties; 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage with 3GB of RAM.


Android OS version 8.0 (Oreo) is the default software of the phone. However, it can be updated when new updates are released.



A rear 12MP camera is great enough to capture pictures in detail. There are features like, a bokeh effect, portraits, wide aperture, autofocus etc. Still, users are not satisfied with the camera specs of the phone because Moto promises to work on their camera specs but fail to provide quality pictures when conditions vary for example colors are not accurate sometimes, you would have to struggle when there is less light even during the daytime etc. The front camera is 5MP which also fails to satisfy the users to get a good selfie.

Battery Life

Battery life of Moto Z2 has been reduced to 3000mAH from Moto Z’s 3510mAH. It has been observed that an average screen-on time is between 7 to 8 hours. However, it has a really fast charger which charges a phone within minutes. Motorola Z2 Play was considered to be the champion of great battery life until Lenovo P2 jumped in.

Do some good research and then decide on the basis of its specs and reviews that whether you should opt for this phone or not. You can buy it in the best value mobile plans with home phone and internet bundles.


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